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 Hed PE @ The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia 5/25/2016

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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Hed PE @ The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia 5/25/2016   Thu May 26, 2016 4:17 am

Seeing that Hed PE was in my hometown of Richmond again, I decided to go and luckily tickets weren't sold out, so I bought my tickets at the door.

The first band of the night was local deathcore band called Service of Shadows, I'm not a fan of deathcore, but the singer put on a decent energetic performance for a time when like nobody was there yet haha.

Next was a local rap rock band called Lunar Phases, not bad!

After their performance, I saw Trauma at the bar and talked to him for a little while, very nice guy!

Next was a local hard rock band from Virginia Beach called Seven Ten Oil, pretty good, they sounded like a combination between Candlebox and Black Stone Cherry.

Next was one of the bands Hed was touring with, an alternative metal band called Everybody Panic! they put on an energetic live show, but alot of their songs sounded the same to me. During their performance, I saw Jared walk into the venue and go into the "Employees Only" door, and he was obviously trying to make sure nobody noticed him. The Veer Union was supposed to perform next, but apparantly their bus broke down or something according to the lead singer of Everybody Panic.

and of course, up next was Hed PE and I must say that their live performance was GREAT! and I was very pleased with the new bassist and guitarist and I also must say, this was the first Hed show where I was at the very front of the stage and it was a very awesome experience. Anyway, can't remember the particular order but here is the setlist:
Pay Me(*New Song*)
Killing Time(a more reggae version)
No Turning Back
Let's Ride
Raise Hell(with the lead singer of Everybody Panic! who pointed the mic at me for "BITCH! GET THE FUCK OUT!")
Game Over
Swan Dive(which I was so happy they performed, nice double bass drumming from Trauma at the end also)
The Meadow
Peer Pressure

After which, Jared went to the merch booth to sign shit, take pictures, etc. and after being a huge fan for so many years, I am happy to say that I FINALLY got a pic with Jared. My fifth time seeing Hed live and this was definitely one of my favorite gigs of theirs. But there was only ONE disappointment, they didn't play ANYTHING from their self-titled debut, I was hoping they would at least play Firsty or Serpent Boy.
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Hed PE @ The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia 5/25/2016
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