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 Forum Guideline & F.A.Q. - as of 15/12/2008

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PostSubject: Forum Guideline & F.A.Q. - as of 15/12/2008   Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:10 pm

welcome to hedpeonline.com the #1 spot on the net to find the latest (hed)p.e. news!
like every forum we have some guidelines , please stick to them.
if you have any questions contact the moderator or admin team.

enjoy your stay!


1. Treat eachother the way you want to be treated, with respect
everybody has a different opinion , and that's normal but if you do clash,
clash respectfully , don't go swearing or dissing somebody over nothing.

2. Look around a little bit before posting
Nobody likes finding information scattered over two or three threads,
neither do we. double topics will be closed, so please just look around first.

3. Post in the right section.. please
keep heavy metal heavy metal and hiphop hiphop
we have a big set of subsections so please just post in the designated subforum.

4. No spamming
We have a zero tolerance policy regarding spam.
you post it - we delete it - we bann your ass.. nuff said

5. Distributing copyrighted material
rapidshare/megaupload/torrent or whatever link will be deleted right away..
why you ask?
because we don't want to be associated with wares forums or illegal file sharing. this site is based on information , not on sharing the newest leak of whatever band.
we took this decision because alot of sites are getting lawsuits or fines.
and even more important : we SUPPORT the band , that doesn't mean we offer their copyrighted material here for free.
if you are a real fan , you buy the cd/dvd. simple as that.
if you still have the urge to pirate , just PM links.

6. Youtube gallery
Please use the forums "insert video" option, in that way we can all just see the video,
without having to open another tab or frame.

7. Report
Anything you feel is not okay,
this includes porn spam or spamming members(bots)
this forum is 100% by the fans for the fans so we'll do anything possible to help a brother out.


Quote :
Heey guys I'm kinda new here .. I was wandering if anybody had the full version of sundown?

like stated in the guidelines , please just browse around a bit before requesting unreleased tracks.

Quote :
Is jahred married? or does he have any kids?

(hed)p.e. took the decision to keep their personal lives private. that obviously had a reason , don't expect to get that information here, we respect the band's decision and stand by it.

Quote :
Is this (hed) p.e.'s official website?

No this community is by the fans&for the fans.
head over to http://www.newworldorphans.com for the current official website.

More in depth forum FAQ:

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Forum Guideline & F.A.Q. - as of 15/12/2008
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