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 Countdown to Forever! Truth Rising(2010) review

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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Countdown to Forever! Truth Rising(2010) review   Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:09 pm

(hed)p.e.- "Truth Rising"(2010)

Over the years, it's safe to say that (hed)p.e. have gone into a more political direction with their lyrical content and also rebelling against not only the government, but also the music industry promoting this "DGAF" lifestyle, but with that being said, Jared also started to become more of a hypocrite and started to become out of control, bashing emos yet admitting to being a fan of The Used, bashing people on how they dressed yet claimed to be all about the first amendment, and also going so far to try and brainwash people into rebelling against the government yet there were people like me who were just a fan of his band and really didn't care about this "message" of his, because this "message" was bullshit anyway. Jared seemed to be focused too much on spreading this "message" rather than making unique music anymore. Things got even more out of control when a few months before releasing the anarchy driven "New World Orphans", Jared admitted to voting for Obama and began endorsing him, and with that he began contradicting himself more often and started bashing people who disagreed with his views. With that being said, Jared is a guy who was preaching how the elections were fake and how the government was evil and yet voted for Obama, and also promoted this "DGAF" lifestyle yet started bashing people whose views were different than his. At this point, it was hard to take Jared seriously as it seemed like he really didn't believe in the stuff he was preaching about anymore and also showed that he DID GIVE A FUCK about what other people thought, which at that point made him the definition of a hypocrite and also made him a poser. On the plus side though, "New World Orphans" proved to be a surprisingly enjoyable album and thanks to the brilliant marketing strategy of having 3 different album covers each with different bonus tracks, the album debuted at #72 on the Billboard 200 making it their highest charting album since "Blackout." (hed) seemed to be getting their popularity back touring with the usual underground hip-hop and rock acts, but also playing festivals with more well-known rock acts, and also performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos for the first time, after which they co-headlined a tour with Mushroomhead, and then supported Insane Clown Posse for the rest of 2009 which brought them some recognition to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Then in 2010, (hed) released their official "best of" CD "Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom" which featured one new track which would be featured on their next album "Truth Rising." So with everything that has happened as far as Jared's flip-flopping political views go, what will he be writing about on "Truth Rising", continuing to preach "TRUTH" of course, but is "Truth Rising" still an enjoyable album? Let's find out as I review track-by-track(*not including hidden or bonus tracks*)

1. Silence Is Betrayal(Intro)
An intro track loaded with political samples with weird music playing in the background which is actually good build-up into the next track.

2. Truth Rising
A great way to start the album, a hardcore punk driven track with aggressive fast rapping from Jared who references every song title on the album in this one track that leads into a cool chorus. From this song, you are immediately hooked, as (hed) seem to be going in a heavier direction with this album.
Rating: 4/5

3. It's All Over
A hardcore punk track that just sounds like too many songs jumbled together. Jared's screechy vocals in the verses are an immediate turn off on this track because at this point they are starting to become annoying, but the saving grace of the song is the nicely sung chorus. A decent track overall, just wish the structure of it wasn't all over the place.
Rating: 3/5

4. The Capitalist Conspiracy(Intro)
A short political sample that is really unnecessary.

5. No Rest For The Wicked
The song that was used to promote the "Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom" best of compilation. A hardcore punk driven rap metal track with good, but short, rapped verses that builds up into a chorus that is fun, but just sounds simply written. The song also has a chill bridge that seems a little out of place. Not a bad track, but I do have mixed feelings on it.
Rating: 3.5/5

6. This Fire
Here we go, a nice speedy hardcore punk track with great guitar playing from Jaxon. Despite the simple lyrical delivery from Jared in the verses, it fits the song well and is nice build-up into the catchy chorus. One complaint I do have with this song is the "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine" lyric. Overall though, great song.
Rating: 4/5

7. Takeover
A hip-hop driven track that is strong musically but contains some of the worst lyrical content on the album. It's basically a song where Jared hates on haters, what gets me is Jared likes to preach about peace and telling people not to hate, but on this track he's talking about bitch slapping Juggalo haters, raping women, not "giving a fuck about shit" it makes Jared sound really whiney and hypocritical. This song just sounds very Juggalo and it's a shame the lyrics are dumb, because (hed) are capable of writing better lyrics than this, and musically this song is good. Overall though, an average track.
Rating: 2.5/5

8. Stand Up(feat. Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust)
I must say that being a huge Sevendust fan, I was stoked to hear this collabo and the result is...an awesome song. A rap metal track that sounds similar to "Renegade" but with a heavier sound and better vocals from Jared in the verses which builds up into a good chorus sung by Lajon, which I'll admit could've been sung better and I sometimes feel like Jared could've sang the chorus himself and Lajon singing it just seemed to be just an excuse for Jared to have a guest spot on the album. Still an awesome song, and it's good to hear (hed) do a collabo with a rock/metal artist again.
Rating: 4.5/5

9. Beijo Na Boca(Intro)
Just a sample from a Brazilian TV Show where kids are heard speaking in Portuguese. Good build up into the next track.

10. Menina
A punky "sexcore" song where Jared touches on his Brazilian roots by singing a lot of the song in Portuguese, and it is actually an enjoyable track, that is until it gets to the weird death metal style bridge which just seems really out of place. Decent track overall.
Rating: 3/5

11. Universal Peace(Intro)
Another political sample, and I honestly don't care about what it has to say. At least it builds up into one of the album's best tracks.

12. Forward Go!
An awesome hardcore punk driven speedy rap metal track with nice fast rapping from Jared that builds up into a nicely done chorus that is just fun to sing along to, even if Jared's political lyrical content is starting to become recycled at this point. One of the album's best tracks.
Rating: 4.5/5

13. Bad News
Another one of the album's best tracks. A hardcore punk track that sounds very System Of A Down influenced, you can especially hear it in Jared's vocals. Even if the political lyrical content is starting become old and hard to take seriously, this is still a great headbangable track with good, if not great chorus. Plus, Trauma also delivers some nice drumming in the bridge.
Rating: 4.5/5

14. Deepthroat(Intro)
An entertaining intro track where Jared is heard laughing at a sample of a woman telling another woman how to perform oral sex. Sets the mood for the next track.

15. Murder
Here it is, "Mirrorballin'" Part 2, but the good thing is this song is actually better than "Mirrorballin'", Jared's dirty rapping in the verses is backed by a nice middle eastern beat and of course the dirty talking chick is back but she's not so annoying on this track. While the lyrics are obviously stupid and repetitive, they are still better written than "Mirrorballin'" and builds up into a punk chorus that while also stupid, is better written also. Easily the worst track on the album, but it's surprisingly average.
Rating: 2.5/5

16. The Hed Honcho(Outro)
While the intro track was entertaining, this one is just boring and not funny at all.

17. Children Of The Fall
My personal favorite track on the album, a hardcore punk track that sounds very Hatebreed influenced, which you can definitely hear in Jared's vocals in the verses that build-up into a well sung chorus that features awesome drumming from Trauma. I especially like the middle eastern influence heard on Jaxon's guitar playing in the bridge.
Rating: 4.5/5

18. Enough Secrecy(Intro)
At this point, the political samples are starting to become really unnecessary.

19. No More Secrets
A song that follows the "Game Over" formula. The verses feature Jared rapping which flows well with the nicely played melodica, even if his lyrics are just okay as we have heard them like a hundred times before and at this point his lyrics are starting to lack originality, which builds up into a punk chorus which feels out of place. Decent track overall.
Rating: 3/5

20. Whitehouse
One of the album's filler tracks, just a short punk track about Obama being in the Whitehouse. Not much to say, it's just an average track.
Rating: 2.5/5

21. We Are The Ones(Intro)
Just a sample of President Obama giving a speech that actually builds up nicely into the next track.

22. It's Alright
An awesome album closer, it features some nice reggae verses backed by the nicely played melodica that builds up into a nicely done punk chorus. The bridge of the song is also very well done. Like I said an awesome album closer, even if I'm growing tired of the recycled lyrical ideas heard throughout the album.
Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I would say that "Truth Rising" is just as enjoyable as, if not better than, "New World Orphans." The album has a more hardcore punk approach making the album have heavier better produced sound than their previous indie albums which to me makes it feel like a step in the right direction. But of course the album does have its flaws, one of them being Jared's lyrical content which is beginning to feel recycled and it really shows that Jared is running out of ideas on what to write about. Also, like the previous 2 albums, the album is just another mish-mash of genres, but still manages to be enjoyable.

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Countdown to Forever! Truth Rising(2010) review
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