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 Countdown to Forever! Back 2 Base X(2006) review

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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Countdown to Forever! Back 2 Base X(2006) review   Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:09 am

(hed)p.e.-"Back 2 Base X"(2006) review

Following the release of the anti-establishment album "Only In Amerika", (hed) would go on to co-headline tours with Drowning Pool and Dry Kill Logic, but mainly toured with more underground acts and with this new musical direction, (hed) would gain a new fan base in the world of underground music, but with that being said, Koch Records promoted (hed) poorly causing (hed)'s longtime fans to not even know (hed) had a new album out which lead "Only In Amerika" to have poor sales. (hed) would then leave Koch and by the end of 2005 would ink a deal with independent label Suburban Noize Records, famous for being the label of popular underground act the Kottonmouth Kings, and would release their fifth studio album "Back 2 Base X" on June 6, 2006(that's 6-6-06). The album sees another change in (hed)'s sound going from the more hardcore punk direction heard on "Only In Amerika" to a more old school punk direction with more politically charged lyrics, but the real question is "can it make up for the disappointment that was Only In Amerika?" the answer is "YES IT CAN" if you give it time that is, and let's find out why as I review the album track-by-track(*not including hidden or bonus tracks*).

1. Listen
A great opening track with chill reggae influenced music and some nice rapping from Jared where he also seems to be expressing his political views more maturely. Great song.
Rating: 4/5

2. Novus Ordos Clitorus
A metal influenced punk track with political lyrics, I must admit though I don't like it as much as other people do. Not a fan of Jared's vocals on the track and some of the lyrics could've been written better and the bridge kinda feels out of place. Not bad, just could've been better.
Rating: 3.5/5

3. Lock And Load
Decent track, nothing special though. Just a simple punk song with lyrics that also sound simply written, another track where I'm just not a fan of Jared's vocals especially in the chorus.
Rating: 3/5

4. White Collars
Now this is more like it, a nice rap rock with political lyrics that Jared rhymes very well and good drumming from Moke, whose drumming on this album is a step up from "Only In Amerika" with a cool chorus. A great track and one of the standouts, just not one of those songs that gets stuck in my head.
Rating: 4/5

5. Get Ready
The first single from the album. A metal influenced punk track that is actually a cover of the Curtis Mayfield song "People Get Ready" but (hed) do a decent job of making it sound like their own. Not a fan of Jared's screechy vocals in the track though and I really don't think it was the best choice for a first single.
Rating: 3.5/5

6. Sophia
This song probably would've been a better choice for a first single. A love song about a girl named Sophia with nice reggae influenced verses with good lyrics that are sung very well by Jared backed by a nicely played melodica which leads into a catchy punk chorus. Great song.
Rating: 4/5

7. Peer Pressure
Not much to say here, just a 44 second punk track with simple lyrics about Peer Pressure. Average track in my opinion.
Rating: 2.5/5

8. Beware Do We Go
A soft punk track with reggae influence and decent lyrics that are nicely sung by Jared. Even if the song has a poppy feel to it, it's still a great song and one of standouts on the album in my opinion.
Rating: 4/5

9. Daze Of War
After a lot of punk and reggae influenced, we finally hear the (hed)p.e. we have been waiting to hear, mixing metal and hip-hop together and doing a damn good job at it. The song features some well written political lyrics nicely rapped by Jared backed by simple basslines from Mawk and a simple drum beat from Moke, but they also throw a piano and a melodica into the verses which make them very enjoyable which leads into a fun heavy chorus. Awesome track and one of the best on the album.
Rating: 4.5/5

10. Sweetchops
A punk track with hip-hop influence. This is what I consider to be the worst track on the album mainly because of its terribly written lyrics, but Jaxon's guitar playing and the catchy chorus save the song from being terrible. Average.
Rating: 2.5/5

11. So It Be
One of the best tracks on the album. A nice funk influenced track with well rapped political lyrics from Jared and some nice basslines from Mawk and a chorus that is just fun to sing along to. Awesome song and it sounds like they had fun performing it to.
Rating: 4.5/5

12. Let's Ride
Here it is, the best song on the album. An awesome blues influenced rap rock track with a nicely played melodica throughout and nice rapping from Jared in the verses, even if his lyrics can be stupid at times, which leads into an awesome heavy chorus. Jaxon's great guitar playing also makes this song very enjoyable.
Rating: 4.5/5

13. The Chosen One
A straight-up reggae track with good, if not great, political lyrics to encourage people to fight for their rights. Not exactly a strong album closer, but a somewhat enjoyable one, but I know (hed) is capable of doing better.
Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, "Back 2 Base X" is a good album, just give it time and it will grow on you. It may not be as heavy as "Only In Amerika" but it is better lyrically and production wise, the album also sounds more focused. But the album does have its flaws; one of them being that even if it is better than the previous effort, it lacks the unique sound and creativity of their first 3 albums, less creative lyrics may also be noticeable as well as the absence of DJ Product, who is listed as a member but never gets the chance to do his thing on the album. Anyway, a good album and one of (hed)'s better indie albums.

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Born 2 Ride
Born 2 Ride

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PostSubject: Re: Countdown to Forever! Back 2 Base X(2006) review   Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:15 pm


I thought B2BX was a very unique sound though.

I'd never heard anything like it.

Love Peer Pressure. So silly and fun.

Agreed, Let's Ride is easily one of the greatest tracks they've ever made.
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Countdown to Forever! Back 2 Base X(2006) review
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