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 New Album to be released in july.

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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Re: New Album to be released in july.   Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:57 pm

Catar4x wrote:
yes, sir!
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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Re: New Album to be released in july.   Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:10 pm

I received the album! The booklet is signed by Jahred.

Well, if you have heard a lot the soundcloud sampler, you'll know already the 8 metal tracks at start.
There is some interesting jaxon solos on some of them.

Then, the album go by an instrumental interlude and the album finish on... 3 raggae track.
Tracks are longer than before, a bit boring on the metal side (certainly due to the soundcloud sampler, damn).

Little review of the tracklist :

01 – “No Turning Back“
02 – “Lost In Babylon“ (the track is titled "Wasted in Babylon" on the booklet), one of the best track
03 – “Jump The Fence“ good ending by jaxon
04 – “2 Many Games“
05 – “No Tomorrow“ great track
06 – “Let It Rain“
07 – “One More Body“ Good
08 – “Never Alone“ Great track!
09 – “The Higher Crown“ (Instrumental interlude)
10 – “Nowhere To Go“ (Good raggae track like the live version, a bit different I think)
11 – “Let It Burn“ (Back to Base X feeling)
12 – “Hold On“ (Back to Base X feeling)

The problem on this album, is the fact that they only follow one music style in two part.
There is no surprise at all at first listen contrary to the previous releases.

If you compare "Hold On" and "It's Alright", "It's Alright" is more diverse.
The lack of rap verse and punk music is important.

The metal side of the CD follow the style of "No Rest 4 Da Wicked", a bit louder, near the level of Truth Rising tracks. Not a big evolution.
The raggae side of the CD is very interesting, i'm sure all of you'll like it!

I need certainly more listen, please don't listen anymore the souncould sampler before you get your hand on it ^^
That's all i can say.
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PostSubject: Re: New Album to be released in july.   Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:10 am

I kind of get what you are saying; I'm listening to it now, I've given it a few listens. This is definitely the least diverse (hed) p.e. album ever. Not necessarily a bad thing but I hope that doesnt mean it's not going to have a lot of replay value.

Catar is right though, if you listened to the sampler, then you've basically heard the vibe of the album with exception of the reggae tracks.

I do want to say No Tomorrow is already easily one of my favorite (hed) songs among anything they released on Subnoize. SUCH A FUCKING BADASS TRACK! It's mostly because its definitely a (hed) track. The rap, the heaviness, the attitude, it's all there in that track and its catchy as fuck.

I think the more I listen, the more I'll enjoy it.
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PostSubject: Re: New Album to be released in july.   

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New Album to be released in july.
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