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 Jahred... needs to chill.

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PostSubject: Jahred... needs to chill.   Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:38 am

Yes I'm a new comer to these forums, yes it's bad to start off almost badmouthing the singer, but the thing is I'd like to share the situation. Kinda pissed me off.

A few weeks back I found out that Jahred was part of The Clue. I had a decent laugh of course, who wouldn't? Your favourite band of all time and the singer is dressed in tight purple spandex. Caught me off guard. So after I cooled down I decided to post on Hed PE's facebook page about it. Unfortunately Jahred decided to be bitchy about it and remove my comment. I can't remember it word for word, but I'll do my best.

"I just saw something I wish I didn't... Jahred in a vertically striped purple outfit... don't worry I won't link. But remember jahred, things can't stay buried forever. Mhuahaha"

I respected him enough to not link to it or even mention the band. He shouldn't be ashamed of his past at all, but I wasn't gonna link it regardless. A few hours after I post it, he comments on it. Which I have word for word because of emails from facebook.

"hey dick...no ones trying to bury anything...get a fucking life"
"i'" <--- he pressed enter too early I assume.
"i'ma put the spandex back on and bitch slap you...then Mhuahaha"

Here's the thing. I did not link it, I did not mention the band, I did not insult him. Instead he freaks on it. I see where he might be offended me saying "buried". But I meant buried as in with time. Not him trying to hide anything.

Soon after I tried to comment again to apologize and explain I meant no offense, but I find out that he removed it as I said. That was odd. Then I try to post a new one, to find out that he blocked my ability to comment on the page, AND blocked me from commenting on his posts OR even liking them. I can't even send a message to figure this out, because I meant to harm, but he just jumped like that.

Thing is though, now I'm kind of pissed. He claims to not be hiding anything, there's all those songs about the truth and whatnot, yet he removes my post about his past? Wtf man. Kind of contradicting yourself there. So I started googling about him to find out more. I find out he makes wiki changes when something is on there he doesn't like. That explains why the wiki only NOW had about the clue. I check his wiki once a month just because I'll forget something I want to know. Other times I checked its never there, only now. I also found out he changes his age on there. I've read a lot online, and basically the consensus is that he is 52. not 49. Regardless, he definitely ha it changed a few times, because a lot of people said his wiki use to say 38 a few months back.

I also found many comments about random people with bad experiences with him. One was another person that was banned from commenting because he wasn't sure about their theory they once posted on facebook.

I can link this all if you guys need, and can post image of emails with his comments. Although I think you should trust me, I'm not one to lie about this, especially my fav band. Which brings up another thing, I liked his page because I like them. I'm not gonna start being a bitch when I like almost all of their posts.

Long story short, Jahred needs to chill, and honestly he's a poser. Claims "oooh truth" and "ooooh family" yet he is ashamed of his past, and disrespects his "family" if they say something he doesn't like. I don't want to hate Jahred, but come on. That was a bit much.
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(hed) Souljah
(hed) Souljah

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PostSubject: Re: Jahred... needs to chill.   Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:46 pm

Well, he's the leader of this Facebook fan page.
He doesn't want to see bad things about him (make fun) and he certainly want people seeing his band (or him) in a positive way. Not doing this early material, that's not cool.

That's all, if you want to share theses videos. You have this forum or any other ones Wink

All you got is being banned of his facebook page. too bad for you...
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Jahred... needs to chill.
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