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 People got to him. A Facebook message from Jah pertaining to L.U.S.T.

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Born 2 Ride
Born 2 Ride

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PostSubject: People got to him. A Facebook message from Jah pertaining to L.U.S.T.   Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:53 am

In 1985 i was into bands like Motley Crue, RATT, POISON, CINDERELLA, and PRINCE, and FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, and U2...on my very first audition, i sang the Ocean Song by Led Zeppelin, when the lights go out by Journey, and working man by RUSH...my first inspiration to even start singing was when I went to see RUSH/Moving Pictures touron mushrooms...and noticed I could sing like Geddy Lee...I was in an all RUSH band, and got a call from a local top 40 band...i joined that band and played like 100 songs, everything from the POLICE to DURAN DURAN...from where I was at, in suburbia, i knew nothing of RAP music, and the word hip hop was not even in my vocabulary...i wore spandex, just like my heroes did, and played a hanging keyboard, also like my heroes at the time did...so ironic that kids in 2013 like to make fun of me, AND THEY ARE DRESSED UP EXACTLY LIKE THEIR HEROES, I.E. facepaint, dickies and jersey's with the face of their HEROES on them...so ironic that they would make fun of me for doing the exact same thing in my time...ahhh impetuous youth...trying to bully me and clown me for the way I looked some 35 years ago! They cant clown me for the way i look in the present, so they have to go any place they can in order to somehow feel they have the higher ground, which they dont, because in the present, they cant say shit because A) I could bitch slap them physically, and 2) they have yet to accomplish anything even remotely close to what hedpe has done...and c) without fail, the ones who clown and talk shit, look like they havent had a piece of ass EVER! so they are really bugged, cuz they know how fine my girl is, and they cant fucking stand that shit! ha! not to mention, i was getting more ass wearing spandex than they will ever get in their sagging dickies and facepaint (and dont get it twiztid, cuz i got the hatchet man tattoo and have painted my face like a million times), amazing what an individual will do to make themselves feel better than someone else...ahhh impetuous youth...i hope this explains alot of things...i would be lieing if I said i was occasionally annoyed by these bullies...bare in mind that it is like 1000 against one...all these wannabees against me...which is fine...i welcome the opposition, what doesnt kill me, makes me stronger, and a nigga like me has been through racism, crack, meth, pills and all kind of shit that still hasnt gotten the best of me...moral of the story is...dont let bullies bring you down...they only seek to elevate themselves, but chose the lazy path of putting down others...NAMASTE
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PostSubject: Re: People got to him. A Facebook message from Jah pertaining to L.U.S.T.   Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:10 pm

yeah, finally a statement.
Perfect response if ya ask me. Way better than just to ignore it or even delete questions about L.U.S.T.
Know your roots Wink
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People got to him. A Facebook message from Jah pertaining to L.U.S.T.
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